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Latex Mask entering the Black Dragon City, Ye Han finally discovered the structure in the Black Dragon Latex Mask City.In fact, it is Latex Mask a city, but now it looks more like an area circled by a wa.ll. Looking around, there are almost no buildings in sight, and some have only grasslands, trees and mountains, which look like the outside.Ye Han suddenly found that the wall was a hundred meters thick, and the gate of the city was clearly more than ten meters thick.I don Latex Mask t know how such a huge city pool actually made him feel Latex Mask even.It doesn t look like a human being. Built in the city, like a giant built He asked about Emperor Xinzheng, and it was true.It turned out that this city was actually very early, and there was no such thing as a dragon festival.It is very likely that it was already in ancient times.Just then, they had crossed the gate and came to the square.Over the square, a Latex Mask white giant statue flew from the depths of Latex Mask the Black Dragon City and finally landed on the square.Subsequently, the three figures jumpe

d from the body of the giant sculpture.Headed by an old man, there is a young man and a young woman beside the old man.They look indifferent from the eyebrows of the two, but even if they are deeply hidden, Ye Han s Latex Mask spiritual what can stick masks on a face Latex Mask knowledge can still Latex Mask feel To an undisguised pride They just glimpsed a glimpse of Latex Mask everyone in the field, as if looking down at everything, and how to put on face sheet mask then the two closed Latex Mask their eyes and ignored the eyes of the people in the field.Of course, it is also because they have such capital, the two how to size a respirator mask and the old man.are all in the fifth rank of the king, and the age of the young man and the woman seems to be only about twenty years Latex Mask old.This kind of talent, placed on the East Pole continent is definitely a top existence.Except for a few exceptions, the participants did not reach the age of thirty or forty.In addition, their messangers for nokia n95 status is relatively high, their overall strength is relatively high, and they have dust mask z a sense of superiority.Therefore, the people present in their view are nothing

Latex Mask

but the incompetent Latex Mask ants.If they are not the requirements of the Zongmen, they are not willing to come.Here. Ye Latex Mask Han can guess the identity of these two Latex Mask people without looking at it.I am afraid that Latex Mask the two are the disciples of the vast land.I just don t know which two of them are disciples. Well, everyone, the old man is the leader of the East Gate, the old man is called Wu Zhongtian, and the two standing by my side are disciples from Tianwei Hao Tuxian Weizong and Qi Jianmen.The old man said. The words Tianwei Haotu were heard at the scene.The young man and the woman couldn Latex Mask t help but raise their heads.Well, then we will begin to read the rules of the Qianlong Festival, Wu Zhongtian said.Saying, there is a golden list in his hand, and the single appearance of the gold list is suspended in the air.Simultaneously bang A terrible power suddenly appeared Many peopl.e in the room suddenly changed their faces, only felt a sigh of the chest, and even those who were inferior had a cold sweat Latex Mask o

n Latex Mask their foreheads.Because of that momentum, it turned out to be the breath of Latex Mask the imperial powerhouse.Ye Han looked at the uncomfortable Latex Mask emperor Xin Xin and others, especially Latex Mask Lin Zhirong.They have not broken through the king s level. They are 3m chemical gas mask very uncomfortable.Their what is in the respirator smoke test legs are constantly shaking and fan respirator masks they are almost on the ground.Ye Han quickly opened up his own field and helped them withstand the pressure, which made them feel 3m brand n95 masks better.Later, Ye Han looked around and found that the people Latex Mask present were not so uncomfortable.He himself was naturally one of them, and the young man and the woman on the stage did not receive much influence.In addition, he found that under Latex Mask the temperament of this terrible imperial powerhouse, there were what is a respirator in medicine two other unaffected contestants, one was dressed in white, and the other was dressed.Black gauze, a woman with Latex Mask a black scarf on her face.What surprised him even more is that the cultivation of these two men is only a second order king, and one is only a third or