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Medical Masks are floating in the air, and the Huaguang Wandao is sprinkled.Above the square, everyone Medical Masks s gaze was suddenly attracted to the past by the heavy tower, especially the strange masters, who even opened their eyes and held their breath.Most of them are coming to this heavy tower. As today, people have already known that this heavy tower has the inheritance of the old Xuan faction.After Ye Han got the inheritance, the means is simply against the sky.Whoever does not dream of himself also goes in a circle.After coming out, you can also be challenged with the king.If Medical Masks not, they know that among the Medical Masks heavy towers, there is also a strong king level powerhouse, and at the same time there are all kinds of powerful Medical Masks means.They have already rushed to grab the heavy tower. Just under the watchful eye of their eyes, Xuan Wei s figure slowly appeared in Medical Masks the air, just like a true immortal descended to the mortal world.Uu reading h His eyes glanced coldly, and a voice came out slowly in his Medical Masks mouth All athletic winners, out of the

list At the time, everyone oc43 coronavirus below is excited.Is this finally to award them At the same time, some people immediately thought of it.If Ye Hanzheng said something like the outsiders, 3m half mask 6500 series cartridges then why should Xua.nwei continue to award the prize now For a time, the sound of the call from the Medical Masks outside world, the lethality Medical Masks Medical Masks is also sharply reduced.The Medical Masks 427th chapter of iron coronavirus taqman assay and blood brush All of Medical Masks them were able to win all the wizards above the singularity ceremony and 3m half mask welding immediately stood up without hesitation.They were all excited and looked at the heavy towers in the air.Others are defeated, and the stranger who is Medical Masks not as good as people suddenly reveals the color of envy.If they do you need a dust mask for grinding metal don t know the result of the game just now, Xuanwei must already know that they really want to jump out and try to mix it.Go in the weight of the tower. Among the envious eyes Medical Masks of them, the winning sorcerers, with the wave of Xuanwei, quickly flew up from the ground under the wrapping of several sages, Medical Masks and quickly entered the heavy tower.Inside. Xuan

Medical Masks

Wei looked at the other lost wizards below, and the corner of his mouth was hooked.He suddenly said You are envious of them. No one in the field answered, but their expressions told Xuanwei the answer.Xuanwei laughed and said In the past, according to the rules that were originally set, you are not as good as people.Even if you envy, it is useless. But today, I want to give you another chance.The people in the field suddenly caught With such two words, the eyes are bright.Someone immediately asked What opportunity Others are al.so staring at Xuanwei tightly, and the atmosphere Medical Masks does not dare Medical Masks to breathe, for fear of missing any of the words he said.Under their gaze, Xuanwei slowly said I have a music Medical Masks sound here, Medical Masks but it is the Medical Masks secret of the past year s heavy mystery to examine the disciples talents.Now I will play it directly. Come out.If you can understand something from this sound, it means that you have enough talent.For such a talented person, I can make an exception to let the heavy towers accept the inhe

ritance.Le Lingyin Investigate the magical talent Many people can t help themselves.Obviously, most of the people who are almost lost Medical Masks in the music of Le Lingyin, even if deadly coronavirus culls mammal they are strangers, know very little.Moreover, this Medical Masks kind of Medical Masks Medical Masks music is still from a martial art school that was thousands of Medical Masks years ago, and they are even less likely to infer anything.However, how to make face masks with lemon this is not the focus for everyone. The point is that they now have the opportunity to enter the heavy tower and get the Medical Masks coveted signs of coronavirus in dogs inheritance.Almost everyone, in the first time, urged Xuanwei to display his musical sounds.Xuan Wei also waved his hand as he wished, and in how do you make a face mask to get rid of blackheads how do face masks get out black heads the space of the Xuantong, one of the spaces of the Le Lingyin, there was a light and happy music.This kind of music directly sounds in the souls of Medical Masks everyone in the square, and even spreads throughout the Devil s Castle, which everyon.e can clearly hear. The people in the Devil Castle could not hear it.They just wondered why the whole devil castle was suddenly quiet.The defensive array a